Tom Cotton Is Running for the U.S. Senate with a Two-Digit IQ


I’m not a Democrat, but I usually end up voting for Democratic candidates, simply to vote against their Republican opponents, since we have no viable third party in the United States. Why? Sometimes it’s because I disagree with particular Republicans on actual political issues — issues involving personal liberty, most commonly.

Often, however, my primary reason for opposing Republican candidates is more fundamental:  I’m horrified by the idea of stupid people running the government, and a growing subset of prominent Republicans are shockingly deficient in intelligence, as revealed by numerous dumb things they say, or, in this case, tweet. Examples of this sort of Republican include George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann — and now this one, Tom Cotton, currently running for the U.S. Senate in Arkansas, where I live.

What is it about the Republican Party that attracts politicians with two-digit IQs, and why does this trend seem to be getting steadily worse?

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4 Responses to Tom Cotton Is Running for the U.S. Senate with a Two-Digit IQ

  1. To be fair, the Democrat party has its fair share of stupid people, as well. Sure, the Republican penchant for science denial is very evident in their policies regarding, say, climate change and biology classrooms; but the Democrats have their own typical anti-intellectuals (for example, anti-vaxxers and New Agers).

    I’ll submit, as evidence, this video.


    • You have a good point. That’s one of several reasons I refuse to call myself a Democrat. We are sorely in need of a sane, politically-viable third party in this country.


      • Oh, man– soon after my last comment, I stumbled upon this gem. I figure it’s relevant to the topic at hand:

        Mars and Earth have the same average surface temperature! …if, by “the same,” we actually mean a 78 Kelvin difference. That math stuff is so confusing, sometimes– 78 is pretty much just the same thing as 0, right?


  2. “What is it about the Republican Party that attracts politicians with two-digit IQs,.. ?”

    An intransigent commitment to ideology which precludes objectivity and empiricism.

    “… and why does this trend seem to be getting steadily worse?”

    It’s a political death spiral. Conservatives reacted badly to the Bush Administration failures (Iraq War, Great Recession, etc.) which catapulted Obama into the White House. Instead of learning from their mistakes, they chose a purification strategy (a.k.a. the Tea Party) to expunge politicians from the GOP who weren’t deemed conservative enough (a.k.a “RINO’s”). This has proved disastrous, for it pushes the Party into the realm of right-wing extremism and away from the American electorate. As the Republican brand becomes less popular, conservatives are forced to employ ever increasing authoritarian measures to hold onto power (gerrymandering, voter suppression, etc.) which further alienates the electorate.

    And yes, there are some morons in the Democratic Party. But, comparing them to the GOP is a false equivalence. It’s a question of scale.


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