5 thoughts on “A Venn Diagram of the Real Number System

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    I’m aware that it isn’t properly exactly a Venn diagram, now, but the mathematics-artist Robert Austin has a nice picture of the real numbers, and the most popular subsets of the real numbers, and how they relate. The bubbles aren’t to scale — there’s just as many counting numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, et cetera) as there are rational numbers, and there are far more irrational numbers than there are rational numbers — but if you don’t mind that, then, this is at least a nice little illustration.

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    • Regarding the various sets not being to scale, you are absolutely correct. I had to sacrifice any effort to get that for the sake of legibility.

      Thank you for pointing these things out; I wouldn’t want anyone to look at this, and then conclude that rationals outnumber irrationals, or any of the other problems you cite. It’s only intended to show which sets are subsets of which others, and that sort of thing.


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