Teaching in Central Arkansas? Here’s a Key to Acronyms in Common Use in Our Profession.

For the full list, please follow this link.

Reading Acronym Soup

This site was compiled by teachers. While we have strived for accuracy, we cannot guarantee that this alphabetized list is free from error. It is also not intended to represent the viewpoints of our employers, nor any other organizations. Its purpose is simply to help teachers, especially those new to the profession in our area, navigate education-related “acronym soup.” Suggestions for additions, corrections, or clarifications are welcome — simply leave them in a comment, below.

  • ACSIP: Arkansas Consolidated School Improvement Plan
  • ACT: American College Testing
  • ACTAAP: Arkansas Comprehensive Testing, Assessment, and Accountability Program
  • ADE: Arkansas Department of Education
  • AEA: Arkansas Education Association (state affiliate of the NEA, and our professional organization, which you can join here)
  • ADHE: Arkansas Department of Higher Education
  • AESOP: Automated Educational Substitute Operator (their website is used to report teacher absences and request substitute teachers)
  • AGS: Arkansas Governor’s School
  • AIMSS (also called Arkansas AIMS…

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