Note Re: Images Here

If a picture on this blog is a flat image, and is geometrical in nature, it was probably created by me, using Geometer’s Sketchpad and MS-Paint. Sketchpad is available for purchase at, and MS-Paint simply came pre-installed on my PC, as it does for most PCs which use any variety of Windows.

There are also many rotating images of three-dimensional objects on this blog, and those I make using a program called Stella 4d:  Polyhedron Navigator. It is available at, with a free trial download available, so you can try it before you decide whether or not to purchase the fully-functioning version I use.

Stella 4d allows the user the option of placing images on the faces of polyhedra, and sometimes I use images previously made, and sometimes blogged, using Sketchpad and MS-Paint. When this happens, therefore, it took all three programs to produce the final polyhedral images you see.

Because we have the same first name, I am sometimes confused with the author of Stella 4d, Robert Webb, but we are not the same person. I purchased these programs, and use them, but I did not write any of them.

Other images used are attributed where possible.

10 thoughts on “Note Re: Images Here

  1. Hello…
    Very nice works…
    Since you have worked with The Geometer’s Sketchpad, please visit our page, it is in facebook, but there is no need of logging in…
    And, if you have a facebook account, you are most welcome to post, if you like, one or more works…
    The following link leads to the albums, where we have classified our works pictures and some videos, activities and more…
    In the pictures posted in the album “3) paintings”, there are links toward videos in a youtube playlist.

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  2. Hi Robert. You have some great rotating geometry here. I was wandering if I could put some of that geometry in my book, referencing you and your blog? Im creating a colouring book for grown ups with plenty of Golden ratio containing geometry. Love your tessalations. They inspired me to created circle overlays which have a tessalation like shapes within it. love the way you make the complex structures possible to view from all sides and the geometry becomes more tactile for the mind.

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    • You may, yes. For any images made using Stella 4d (the rotating polyhedra), please give credit to that program the way I do here, and be sure you include as the site to visit to get the free Demo version. This is part of the licensing requirements of the program. Have you considered buying the fully-functioning version to help you with your book?

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  3. Thank you so much. It is very precious advice. However, how would i be able to get to the Toroidal Rhombic Dodecahedron made of icosahedra? Do I have to build it from scratch or is there a template for it already? And how can I get the image frozen in time?
    I do not have a laptop that would be able to cope with the program at the moment. But Im working on getting one.
    Currently I am working with friends that help with the images made on adobi illustrator. We are discovering together the wonderful world of hidden golden ratios and geometry of the microscopic to macroscopic worlds.
    Thank you for replying. Best Wishes. 😀


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