About RobertLovesPi & His Blog

I go by RobertLovesPi on-line, and am interested in many things. Welcome to my own little slice of the Internet, which is shared freely with anyone who is interested.

The viewpoints and opinions expressed on this website are my own, except for the relatively small number of clearly-identified works of others. Nothing here should be confused with the views of my current nor past employers, nor any other organization, of any kind.

I am, by profession, a high school teacher of many subjects — mostly mathematics and the mathematical sciences — over a career of more than two decades. I live, and work, in the USA.

42 thoughts on “About RobertLovesPi & His Blog

  1. Hi Robert! I love your website and am very inspired by it. I’ve spent probably a few hours on it. Here’s my question for you, if you have the time and inclination to respond… I’m really fascinated by the beautiful 3D models and software (found Stella software before your website!) but don’t know anything about using it myself. I’d like to know if it’s possible to make a digital image and or 3D image/model of a polyhedron comprised of 18 octahedrons, and I’m presuming some other polyhedron, resulting in 144 stellated tips? I hope you can help me out with this question or refer me to online information or a person who you think might be helpful. Thank you.

    With all best wishes,

    Jan Alvey

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  2. Robert, I am loving this site. I am but a dabbler at geometry- but Stella is probably something I will buy soon since it looks a ton easier to use as compared to the cad programs I am currently using.
    If I had a question about the possible existence of a polyhedron configuration – where on your site might I pose the question?

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  3. Can you see if it is possible to make segmentochora on Stella4d? I have asked this before but Robert Webb won’t answer so can you help? Thanks

    (A dekeract is the ten dimensional analog of a cube or rectangular prism)


  4. Can Robert be persuaded to love tau = 2 x pi even more than pi? Lookup “Pi is wrong” and “the tau manifesto”.

    Can Robert suggest any place where I can get one of his awesome images slapped on a T-shirt, to add to my nerdwear collection?



  5. Hello Robert. I’m really pleased to see so many 3d and 4d polytopes on your website. Are there also websites which show 5d, 6d, 8d, 20d etc. polytopes in a similar way? Is there also software to create such beautiful polytopes?

    Greetings from the Netherlands. 🙂

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    • The fifth dimension and up are realms that I, personally, have not explored (yet). I’m still having fun finding 3-d figures that I’ve never seen before, and I only occasionally dip my toe into the fourth dimension. If there are such websites or software, I don’t know about them.


  6. I am also a geometry art lover. I remember realizing that my math teachers all thought of the subject much differently that I did, even though I still have a love for it in my late 50’s. I’d like to pose a question as to whether you can identify the attached polyhedron. I see it now and then in displays and hotels. It appears to be constructed of regular pentagons, hexes and a rhombus now and then. It’s an art lamp by David Trubridge called coral (https://www.lightopiaonline.com/david-trubridge-coral-pendant.html). It’s way beyond me to try to model it through 3d rendering or cad. Thanks.

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