Boobs and Moobs

Boobs and Moobs

Even if a woman has small breasts, it’s illegal for her to go topless in public, at least where this blogger lives (Arkansas, USA). It’s illegal for her to do so even if she’s in her own front yard.

A man with enormous “moobs,” though, can parade them around all over the place, perfectly legally. And, believe me, here in the American South, this isn’t a rare thing at all.

Why is this so?

5 thoughts on “Boobs and Moobs

  1. Because societal rules are made by bible thumpers in America. Women are not to be treated as equals and they need be modest/hidden to prevent men from acting on their urges.


  2. Because society does not sexualize men’s boobs, and we don’t think of men’s bodies as property … because men’s boobs aren’t “owned” or aren’t “pre-owned” (they don’t currently belong to a man person, but may belong to one in the future) they are free to flaunt them … in this case, sadly. Ahhh the irony.


  3. What’s all the fuss about?

    I know. It’s about being delicately sensitive yet ignorant of the way that morals have perverted humanity.


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