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The strange state of being me.

Purify Your Water First, Michigan!

The “Pure Michigan” ad campaign should wait until they’ve replaced ALL of the lead pipes in Flint. Until then, the whole thing is just an exercise in hypocrisy.

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Congratulations! We’ve Survived One Year of President Trump.

There are no guarantees regarding future years.

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Fiftystar: My 2018 Birthday Star

Every year, it is my tradition to make a star for my birthday. This is the one for today, with fifty points for my new age. I like the view from age 50. I can see half-centuries before and after … Continue reading

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The Moon Unit Proposal

I propose that 384,400 km (238,855 miles), the average distance from the Earth to the Moon, be called a “moon unit.” Example: “The mileage of my car is over one moon unit.”

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You Don’t Even Have to Use the Idiot’s Name

It really works. I encourage everyone to try this themselves.

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A Proposal: An Ice-Tunneling Lander to Explore Extraterrestrial Sub-Surface Oceans

We have found compelling evidence for the existence of several sub-surface oceans in various places in our solar system. The most well-known of these bodies of liquid water is under the ice crust of Europa, a moon of Jupiter, with … Continue reading

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Meditating, and Not

I just noticed that I can elect to pay attention to my breathing, or ignore it, but one or the other keeps happening. Changing which one I focus on changes the way I think. This is interesting.

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