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The strange state of being me.

Congratulations! We’ve Survived One Year of President Trump.

There are no guarantees regarding future years.

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Fiftystar: My 2018 Birthday Star

Every year, it is my tradition to make a star for my birthday. This is the one for today, with fifty points for my new age. I like the view from age 50. I can see half-centuries before and after … Continue reading

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The Moon Unit Proposal

I propose that 384,400 km (238,855 miles), the average distance from the Earth to the Moon, be called a “moon unit.” Example: “The mileage of my car is over one moon unit.”

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You Don’t Even Have to Use the Idiot’s Name

It really works. I encourage everyone to try this themselves.

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A Proposal: An Ice-Tunneling Lander to Explore Extraterrestrial Sub-Surface Oceans

We have found compelling evidence for the existence of several sub-surface oceans in various places in our solar system. The most well-known of these bodies of liquid water is under the ice crust of Europa, a moon of Jupiter, with … Continue reading

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Meditating, and Not

I just noticed that I can elect to pay attention to my breathing, or ignore it, but one or the other keeps happening. Changing which one I focus on changes the way I think. This is interesting.

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Thoughts on Colonizing Space

[Image found here.] It is no secret than I am not a fan of our current president, Donald Trump. I’ve been watching him carefully, and have found exactly one point of agreement with the man: humans should colonize the planet … Continue reading

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