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Hexagon the Kitten Is Recording My Computer Activity

So I’m looking at Facebook, and all of a sudden Hexagon the Kitten is on the keyboard. Zap! Screenshot captured at feline speed — before I could grab the little rogue. This is the first of four pages of information … Continue reading

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Compelling Reading, I’m Sure, from Facebook

So, did anyone out there actually read this? If so, how is the plot, and the character development?

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My Answers to Facebook’s “Religious Views” and “Political Views” Questions

I don’t like to use terms I did not make up myself for things as important as questions such as these, and so I don’t. Attempted Orthoism rests on a foundation of skepticism, which is a metaphorical lens I try … Continue reading

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A Thankfully-Brief Annoyance on Facebook

Does this happen to everyone on Facebook, or is it just me? I believe this person had been my “friend” for less than ten minutes.

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The Reason Why My Current Profile Picture on Facebook Is of Matt Murdock / Daredevil

In September, I noticed that friends of mine started suddenly having superheroes appear as their Facebook profile-pictures. After learning that this was being done to support the efforts to find cures for pediatric cancer, I decided to join them. However, … Continue reading

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The True Tale of the “Facebook Agent”

Today, a guy claiming to be named Ronnie Crider friend-requested me on Facebook. It wasn’t long after I accepted the friend-request before I got a private message from him, at which time I found out that, according to his profile … Continue reading

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The First of Dave Smith’s “Bowtie” Polyhedral Discoveries: An Example of Mathematical Collaboration

Recently, a reader of this blog contacted me about a polyhedron he wished to model. His name is Dave Smith, and he had already done much of the work involved, but needed help finishing off his project. Here’s the picture … Continue reading

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