The Spider-to-Human Ratio

spider to human ratio

Since I like spiders, I was pleased to read a rough estimate of 21 quadrillion for the world’s population of spiders (source: here).

The website gives the current human population as ~7.4 billion. Dividing the estimated spider population by the estimated human population yields Earth’s estimated spider-to-human ratio: 2.8 million.

Yes, your share approaches three million spiders. At least they are good at taking care of themselves!

[Source of the image of the spider above, an adult male phidippus audax:]

3 thoughts on “The Spider-to-Human Ratio

  1. I like them too but I’d rather the Wolf Spider’s stay outside. I catch a lot of them and put them in the garage during the winter and outside during the summer. I know it’s not off for them to always be outside but I can’t have them in the house. Sigh. A dilemma, for sure.


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    The true phenomena; Nature, has conditions. These conditions establish the rules of the ecosystem. The ecosystem is perpetuated by organic and inorganic factors. One factor is the populations of organisms.


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