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A Second Type of Double Icosahedron, and Related Polyhedra

After seeing my post about what I called the “double icosahedron,” which is two complete icosahedra joined at one common triangular face, my friend Tom Ruen brought my attention to a similar figure he likes. This second type of double icosahedron … Continue reading

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Augmenting, and Then Reaugmenting, the Icosahedron, with Icosahedra

A reader of this blog, in a comment on the last post here, asked what would happen if each face of an icosahedron were augmented by another icosahedron. I was also asked what the convex hull of such an icosahedron-cluster … Continue reading

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The Double Icosahedron, and Some of Its “Relatives”

The double icosahedron is simply an icosahedron, augmented on a single face by a second icosahedron. I thought it might be interesting to explore some transformations of this solid, using Stella 4d: Polyhedron Navigator (available here), and I was not … Continue reading

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Two Excellent Mathematical Websites

I usually only post my own work here, but today I’m giving a shout-out to the websites of a German friend of mine named Tadeusz E. Doroziński. He made this snub polyhedron with 362 faces, which I’m posting here as … Continue reading

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The Compound of the Octahedron and the Small Stellated Dodecahedron

I made this rotating virtual model using Stella 4d: Polyhedron Navigator, which you can try for yourself at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php. This solid is different from most two-part polyhedral compounds because an unusually high fraction of one polyhedron, the yellow octahedron, is … Continue reading

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A Zoo of Zonohedra

Zonohedra are a subset of polyhedra with all faces in pairs of parallel and congruent zonogons. Zonogons are polygons with sides which occur only as parallel and congruent pairs of line segments. As a consequence of this, the faces of … Continue reading

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Seven Different Facetings of the Truncated Icosahedron

The polyhedron above is the truncated icosahedron, widely known as the pattern for most soccer balls. In the image below, the faces and edges have been hidden, leaving only the vertices. To make a faceted version of this polyhedron, these … Continue reading

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