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Some Ten-Part Polyhedral Compounds

While examining different facetings of the dodecahedron, I stumbled across one which is also a compound of ten elongated octahedra. Here’s what this compound looks like with the edges and vertices hidden: Next, I’ll put the edges and vertices back, … Continue reading

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The Cubic Rhombicosidodecahedroid

I call the polyhedron above the cubic rhombicosidodecahedroid because it combines a cube’s six squares (shown in green) with the overall appearance of a rhombicosidodecahedron. For comparison, the latter two polyhedra are shown below. I made these rotating images using … Continue reading

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Some Tetrahedral Stellations of the Truncated Cube

I created these with Stella 4d, which you may try for free at this website. To make a given polyhedral stellation appear larger, simply click on it.

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The Truncated Cube, with Two Variations Featuring Regular Dodecagons

This is the truncated cube, one of the thirteen Archimedean solids. If the truncation-planes are shifted, and increased in number, in just the right way, this variation is produced. Its purple faces are regular dodecagons, and the orange faces are … Continue reading

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For me, geometry for breakfast is not unusual. This morning, though, I’m sprinkling calculus on top before eating it.

It’s important to explain, right up front, that Ronald Reagan was president when I last took calculus. However, I have a new determination to learn the subject. I have a hunch this may go better without the “help” of actually … Continue reading

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Open Octahedral Lattice of Cubes and Rhombicosidodecahedra

This pattern could be continued, indefinitely, into space. Here is a second view, in rainbow color mode, and with all the squares hidden. [These images were created with Stella 4d, software you may buy — or try for free — … Continue reading

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Six “Cubish” Polyhedra

I’m using the term “cubish polyhedra” here to refer to polyhedra which resemble a cube, if one looks only at the faces they have which feature the largest number of sides, always six in number, and with positions corresponding to … Continue reading

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