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I go by RobertLovesPi on-line, and am interested in many things. Welcome to my little slice of the Internet. The viewpoints and opinions expressed on this website are my own. They should not be confused with the views of my employer, nor any other organization, nor institution, of any kind.

Meditating and Not

I just noticed that I can elect to pay attention to my breathing, or ignore it, but one or the other keeps happening. Changing which one I focus on changes the way I think. This is interesting.

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Thoughts on Colonizing Space

[Image found here.] It is no secret than I am not a fan of our current president, Donald Trump. I’ve been watching him carefully, and have found exactly one point of agreement with the man: humans should colonize the planet … Continue reading

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On Taxation, and Representation, in Public Education

The last few years have been rough for education in central Arkansas. The Pulaski County Special School District (PCSSD) suffered for years under state control, but local control has now been restored there. The neighboring Little Rock School District (LRSD) … Continue reading

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A Rhombic Dodecahedron, Made of Icosahedra, and Tall Triangular Antiprisms

Software used: Stella 4d, available at  

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Honeycomb Made of Cuboctahedra and Octahedra

This is the three-dimensional version of what is called a tessellation in two dimensions. It fills space, and can be continued in all directions. Software used: Stella 4d, available here.

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Spectral Circles on a Cuboctahedron

I used three programs to make this: Geometer’s Sketchpad, MS-Paint, and Stella 4d. The third of these may be tried for free at

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Spectral Circles on a Truncated Icosahedron

I used MS-Paint and Geometer’s Sketchpad to make the designs on the faces, and then used Stella 4d (here) to put the whole thing together.

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