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“Spiders Aren’t Animals!” Well, Actually….

Over the years, literally hundreds of people have told me that spiders are not animals. This seems to happen the majority of the times that the topic of spiders comes up in conversation.  When I reply that spiders are, in … Continue reading

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The Spider-to-Human Ratio

Since I like spiders, I was pleased to read a rough estimate of 21 quadrillion for the world’s population of spiders (source: here). The website http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/ gives the current human population as ~7.4 billion. Dividing the estimated spider population by the estimated … Continue reading

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Interference Spider with Two Eyes Showing (from 2013)

Every now and then, I find something I created some years ago, but never blogged here. This is another such piece, which I made in 2013 (using Geometer’s Sketchpad and MS-Paint), but did not name until today.

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Euclid’s Spiders

The image of two black spiders above is created by interference, and is an example of an interference pattern. The figures which are interfering are four points (and the rays which go with them), two close together on the right, … Continue reading

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My New Spider Tattoo

I just got a new tattoo on my right wrist, and got it as the Golden Lotus Tattoo Shop in Sherwood, Arkansas. Kendal Harkey is the tattoo artist who created this tattoo. Since this was cover-work, I simply asked Kendal … Continue reading

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