My New Spider Tattoo

My New Spider Tattoo

I just got a new tattoo on my right wrist, and got it as the Golden Lotus Tattoo Shop in Sherwood, Arkansas. Kendal Harkey is the tattoo artist who created this tattoo.

Since this was cover-work, I simply asked Kendal to do a Google-image-search for “spider,” then pick which one would best work best for that purpose. Here’s what he selected:


I’m now left with a puzzle:  I tried to find this same image with Google, but couldn’t . . . and I want to know what kind of spider this is! If you recognize it, or find it on-line, please leave its scientific name in a comment here.

[Update:  I found the source on Google, at — but it’s a drawing, not a photograph, and so it may or not be a drawing of a real spider species . . . so I still need assistance, if anyone else knows more details.]

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