My New Spider Tattoo


My New Spider Tattoo

I just got a new tattoo on my right wrist, and got it as the Golden Lotus Tattoo Shop in Sherwood, Arkansas. Kendal Harkey is the tattoo artist who created this tattoo.

Since this was cover-work, I simply asked Kendal to do a Google-image-search for “spider,” then pick which one would best work best for that purpose. Here’s what he selected:


I’m now left with a puzzle:  I tried to find this same image with Google, but couldn’t . . . and I want to know what kind of spider this is! If you recognize it, or find it on-line, please leave its scientific name in a comment here.

[Update:  I found the source on Google, at — but it’s a drawing, not a photograph, and so it may or not be a drawing of a real spider species . . . so I still need assistance, if anyone else knows more details.]

The Latest Step In My Long Polyhedral Journey Brought Me Back To My Own Tattoo


The Latest Step In My Long Polyhedral Journey...

. . . Brought me to this stellation of a convex hull of something or another . . . and it looks much like the polyhedral tattoo on my left wrist.

They aren’t a precise match, though. Here’s the tattoo for comparison:


The tattoo’s polyhedral design was also originally generated with Stella 4d (see, by multiple stellation of the dual of the rhombicosidodecahedron, and then turned into my tattoo by Nicholas Pierce at The Golden Lotus in Sherwood, Arkansas, USA. Their website is at

It took some time for me to find the significant difference in the two polyhedra. Can you spot it? (Stop reading now if you want to solve this yourself.)

* * *

To find the difference, look at a single facelet — any of them. They are all non-convex pentagons, with larger and smaller “wings,” and, in one of them, the smaller wing has a triangular shape (rotating above), while in the other (the tattoo), it comes to an edge, rather than a point — more resembling a convex quadrilateral than a triangle. That’s the major difference I have spotted.

My First Polyhedral Tattoo

ImageI love my latest tattoo. I designed the (uncolored) shape itself a year ago with software written by a friend in Australia, which you may see here: — and then a fantastic tattoo artist at Golden Lotus Tattoos in Sherwood, Arkansas (USA — with their website at made it even better. Nicholas Peirce does amazing work. This was a true team effort.

This is the 23rd stellation of the strombic hexacontahedron, which is dual to the rhombicosidodecahedron, one of the Archimedean solids.

I don’t want to have tattoos like those of anyone else, and I don’t think I have anything to worry about. =)

My Tattoo of Pi

This is my tattoo of pi, my favorite number. The circle which surrounds pi does not close because it is only three times as long as the diameter of the circle, in “deference” to the infamous “pi is exactly 3” verse of the Bible (I Kings 7:23).