Conjoined Small Stellated Dodecahedral Triplets

The central small stellated dodecahedron is augmented on two opposite star-faces by additional small stellated dodecahedra.

Augmented Small Stellated Dodeca

I made this using Stella 4d: Polyhedron Navigator, available at

A Pulsating Compound of Three Octangular Dipyramids


Pulsating Compound of Three Octangular Dipyramids

Software credit: see for the software used (Stella 4d) to make this image. A free trial download is available.

My Tattoo of Pi

This is my tattoo of pi, my favorite number. The circle which surrounds pi does not close because it is only three times as long as the diameter of the circle, in “deference” to the infamous “pi is exactly 3” verse of the Bible (I Kings 7:23).