A Gallery of Nine Tessellations Using Hexagons


Pictured above is the most familiar hexagonal tessellation. I’ve found some additional tessellations which use equilateral (but non-equiangular) hexagons, and have radial symmetry. They appear, using various coloring-schemes, below.

Hex radial tessellationHex radial tessellation 2Hex radial tessellation 3Hex radial tessellation 4radial octagonal mandala 2radial octagonal mandala 2Buntitleduntitled ic

4 thoughts on “A Gallery of Nine Tessellations Using Hexagons

  1. Thanks! Within each tessellation, the answer to your question in “yes.” I also think an infinite number of these can be made, simply by repeatedly narrowing the hexagons used, so that different numbers of them meet at the central point. The usual tessellation uses 3, so I’ve simply added 4, 5, and 8 to this list.


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