Hexagon the Kitten Is Recording My Computer Activity

So I’m looking at Facebook, and all of a sudden Hexagon the Kitten is on the keyboard. Zap! Screenshot captured at feline speed — before I could grab the little rogue.

Hexagon's schreenshot

This is the first of four pages of information which Hexagon attempted to print this morning — a screenshot of the top of my Facebook timeline. She tricked me into losing the other three pages, which were simply more records of recent activity on Facebook.

She was also, as the image above shows, trying to print in black and white, which seemed interesting. I looked it up, and cats have far more rods than cones, compared to humans, so I guess Hexagon doesn’t see color as that important.

Hexagon kitten young

She also typed the following into the keyboard:

Hexagon's typing

What is Hexagon’s goal with all of this computer activity? If I ever figure it out, I’ll post my findings here.

3 thoughts on “Hexagon the Kitten Is Recording My Computer Activity

  1. If I’m interpreting cat-speak correctly, I think he’s telling you to make a post, or post series, dedicated to the Johnson Solids, something completely absent on the rest of the internet. Cats are very concerned about geometry. If you take an octahedron and dual it, you get a cube. And if you go halfway between the octahedron and the cube, (depending on the route you take) you get either a cuboctahedron or a rhombicuboctahedron. What happens if you made such a journey with each of the johnson solids?

    Hexagon was merely trying to do a search on that, that’s all. I don’t have the heart to tell him that no such explorations can be found anywhere on the easily searched internet.

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