Hexagon the Kitten Is Recording My Computer Activity

So I’m looking at Facebook, and all of a sudden Hexagon the Kitten is on the keyboard. Zap! Screenshot captured at feline speed — before I could grab the little rogue.

Hexagon's schreenshot

This is the first of four pages of information which Hexagon attempted to print this morning — a screenshot of the top of my Facebook timeline. She tricked me into losing the other three pages, which were simply more records of recent activity on Facebook.

She was also, as the image above shows, trying to print in black and white, which seemed interesting. I looked it up, and cats have far more rods than cones, compared to humans, so I guess Hexagon doesn’t see color as that important.

Hexagon kitten young

She also typed the following into the keyboard:

Hexagon's typing

What is Hexagon’s goal with all of this computer activity? If I ever figure it out, I’ll post my findings here.

New Largest Known Prime Number Revealed By Computer — After Four-Month Delay


I find it hilarious that the computer which made this discovery actually kept it a secret for four whole months.

Source: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2073909-prime-number-with-22-million-digits-is-the-biggest-ever-found/

From that article: “[Curtis] Cooper’s computer actually found the prime on 17 September 2015, but a bug meant the software failed to send an email alert reporting the discovery, meaning it went unnoticed until some routine maintenance a few months later.”

An Involuntary Conversation with Siri

I use an iPad, but I don’t like Siri. When she’s turned on, it’s by mistake, and without the need for her, um, “help.”


The other day, I accidentally activated Siri. After she said her standard opening bit, I barked at her, “&%$# it, Siri! Go away!”

She replied, in the tone of one with hurt feelings, “I’m just trying to help.” I hadn’t even thought about the fact that she was listening.

Someone actually went to the trouble to give proto-A.I., which is what Siri is, the ability to sulk.

Weaving Silk Online


The image above took very little time to make, online, at this website. The user interface there allows a large degree of control over the shapes and colors used in the images one produces. I didn’t notice a “save image” button, but that’s what screenshots are for, right?

Moving Polyhedral Desktop Backgrounds for PCs


I use a rather old laptop PC, but I think this would work for desktop PCs, as well. On a lark, I tried putting a geometrical .gif file — the one you see above — on my PC, as the “wallpaper” for a desktop background. I didn’t think that would work, but, to my surprise, it did — rotational movement and all.

If you want to try the same thing with images from this blog, choose one that’s in a horizontal rectangle, to match the shape of a computer screen — they work better. I make these images with Stella 4d:  Polyhedron Navigator, which you can try here.