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Mr. Trump, Please Get Some Sleep

Sleep is essential for good mental and physical health. It helps us heal when we need healing. I went to bed very early last night, and got all the sleep I need to do well at work today. I wish … Continue reading

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The Inverted Popularity of This Aspie’s Phobias and Philias, Part I: An Explanation

The image above contains three colors: white, black, and red. The words appear in red because I see it as a color denoting positive or negative intensity, and phobias and philias are both certainly intense. To “see red,” I have … Continue reading

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Constructing “Nightday” — An Experiment Involving Sleep

The last workweek having left me rather tired, I went to bed early Friday, after work, and then, having slept all I could sleep, I then woke back up quite early Saturday morning, before sunrise, and couldn’t get back to … Continue reading

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On John Lennon’s 1971 Song, and Song Title, “How Do You Sleep?”

This is one of the most vicious, cutting songs ever written. Here is a video for it, so you can hear it for yourself, and see the things to which the song refers. It was, of course, written targeting one … Continue reading

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A Hypothesized Method for Washing Away Anger

This particular method is simple: sleep. Eight hours usually does it for me, >90% of the time the anger originated on the previous day. For others for whom this works, I expect the amount needed will vary from person to … Continue reading

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Revise, and Re-install, Unconscious Mental Subroutine

Sleep eventually takes your awareness from you, and, at the end, you don’t even resist. Asleep now. Initialization of nREM startup program in progress. Stop. Evaluate time elapsed since last sleep-reprogramming. Identify areas of concern. Rank items of concern in … Continue reading

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My Impressions, Upon Wearing a CPAP Machine, at Home, for the First Time

I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. As a result, I now have a CPAP machine, on me and running, for the first time at home. The headgear reminds me of the uniform Alex Summers wears, as Havok of the … Continue reading

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