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Asperger’s Syndrome and “Emotional Vision”

The source of the term “emotional vision” is the same as the source of the image above: this New York Times article. This blog-post is my response, so I recommend reading the NYT article before you continue. The story was written … Continue reading

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A Hypothesized Method for Washing Away Anger

This particular method is simple: sleep. Eight hours usually does it for me, >90% of the time the anger originated on the previous day. For others for whom this works, I expect the amount needed will vary from person to … Continue reading

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An Involuntary Conversation with Siri

I use an iPad, but I don’t like Siri. When she’s turned on, it’s by mistake, and without the need for her, um, “help.” The other day, I accidentally activated Siri. After she said her standard opening bit, I barked … Continue reading

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