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On Deciphering Informal Medical Language, from an “Aspie” Point of View

A major challenge for many Aspies (an informal name many of those with Asperger’s use for ourselves) is communication with the larger, non-Aspie population. Frustration and anger are common reactions to this challenge — sometimes from both sides. The reasons … Continue reading

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My Impressions, Upon Wearing a CPAP Machine, at Home, for the First Time

I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. As a result, I now have a CPAP machine, on me and running, for the first time at home. The headgear reminds me of the uniform Alex Summers wears, as Havok of the … Continue reading

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I Now Have Empirical Evidence for the Existence of My Own Brain!

A doctor needed to look at my brainwaves (and a bunch of other MSLs, also known as “medical squiggly lines”), as recorded during a sleep study, so of course I asked him if I could see them myself. Who wouldn’t … Continue reading

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