Rotating Compound of the Tesseract and Its Dual

Rotating Compound of the Tesseract and Its Dual

Blue figure: a projection of the tesseract, or hypercube; also known as the 8-cell or octachoron — a four-dimensional figure composed of eight cubic cells in a regular arrangement.

Red figure: its dual, the 16-cell or hexadecachoron, which is composed of sixteen tetrahedral cells.

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1 thought on “Rotating Compound of the Tesseract and Its Dual

  1. Hello Robert
    I have spent many an hour pondering this, many ,many, an hour.
    The ultimate desire for power and control by the few of the many could be achieved through time travel or temporal manipulation of peoples actions. being able to change a persons past actions or predict their future actions and choices. This would give the “Few” god -like powers over the “Many”. I believe this Power has been fully realized and is fully in use at this time.
    I believe those who do “Not” have this power would have their reality turned into little more than a “Video game”. I believe this power could be easily covered up with many stories and movies about time travel as Hay stacks to Hide the Needles. “Oh he has just watched too many movies !!” And quickly branding as “insane lunatics” those who would speak of the possibility the Few manipulating the Many for personal gain with the ability to temporally manipulate people.
    I am tired of this Zoo-like Prison of illogic and manipulation and ridicule.


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