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Slowly Rotating Hypercube

The hypercube, also known as a tesseract, is the four-dimensional analog to the cube. I made this projection of a hypercube with Stella 4d, which is available at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php.

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Four Views of a Tesseract, Rotating in Hyperspace

These tesseract views are all of the perspective projection-type, with the first one, above, being done in cell-first fashion. The next one is projected edge-first. The third one is projected vertex-first. Lastly, face-first: Although all of these are rotating in … Continue reading

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Rotating Compound of the Tesseract and Its Dual

Blue figure: a projection of the tesseract, or hypercube; also known as the 8-cell or octachoron — a four-dimensional figure composed of eight cubic cells in a regular arrangement. Red figure: its dual, the 16-cell or hexadecachoron, which is composed … Continue reading

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The Two Simplest Polychora

The most familiar polychoron, to those who have heard of any of them, is the hypercube, or tesseract. It is analogous to the cube, but in four dimensions. All polychora are four-dimensional. With numbers of spatial dimensions above four, only … Continue reading

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