My Mother’s Epic Battle with an Armadillo

I just found a hilarious tale about my mother (in L. Lee Cowan’s Except for All the Snakes, I just Love It Out Here: The News from Stone County, Arkansas, Where One Life is Put Down Straight Up, p. 120). According to this published account, I was four years old when her battle to kill an armadillo entered family legend. As you can see below, Mom credits both my sister and myself with keeping the story alive over the years. A good family friend, Bruce, played a key role in bridging the gap between my mother and L. Lee Cowan, the author of the book in which this was published. It’s an amazing thing to have found.

If you like this excerpt (shown below), please buy the book, as I have done.


1 thought on “My Mother’s Epic Battle with an Armadillo

  1. Mom was a little ruthless, but I can relate to her rage. Years ago I accidentally disturbed a yellow jacket nest and was brutally swarmed in retaliation. As they attacked my head, I was stung about 30 times which caused a lot of pain and inflammation. My instinct was to run away as fast as I could. They pursued me into an upstairs bathroom which I barricaded with towels. Several of the hornets came in with me and continued their attacks. Then, my instinct to fight back kicked-in and I began swatting my assailants violently with my jacket. This was effective and the surviving yellow jackets abruptly stopped attacking and looked for an escape route in panic, but I killed them all with relish.

    Today, I still have hostility towards these aggressive little critters. There is a yellow jacket nest currently in my apartment building which I’ve been urging the landlord to eradicate. I just won’t tolerate them. It’s funny how the human mind works in these situations.


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