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Compelling Reading, I’m Sure, from Facebook

So, did anyone out there actually read this? If so, how is the plot, and the character development?

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Reading: It’s What You Do

I have observed many families where reading is simply what people do. In one, a favorite family story is of a little girl (a toddler) whose parents and older brother were sitting in the living room, reading. No one told … Continue reading

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A Scenario I Would Like to See: Friendly Competition, Between Teachers’ Unions and School Administrators, to Help School Libraries Everywhere

During the Cold War, the usual way nations compete (direct warfare) was taken off the table by the invention of the hydrogen bomb. With the alternative being mutually-assured destruction, the two sides, led by the USA and the USSR, had … Continue reading

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A Proven Method for Getting Teenagers to Read

Although I am a teacher, I am not an English teacher — but I also believe that, as a teacher of anything, I have an ethical and professional responsibility to promote literacy. Many such methods for doing so exist. This … Continue reading

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Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009

The best ways to celebrate Banned Books Week (which is going on now) are to read/buy/give away banned books, and/or donate money to libraries which deliberately put banned books in the circulating collection, as all good libraries do. I’ve color-coded … Continue reading

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My Four Favorite Authors

Whenever people ask me to name my favorite author, I always have to ask them to be more specific, for I cannot bring myself to choose just one. If gender is specified, and either fiction or non-fiction is, as well, … Continue reading

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