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The God Question

During my 4th period class today, I got asked one of my least favorite questions by one of my students: “Do you believe in God?” It’s a science class, and I want us to stay on-topic. Discussing my views on … Continue reading

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Reading: It’s What You Do

I have observed many families where reading is simply what people do. In one, a favorite family story is of a little girl (a toddler) whose parents and older brother were sitting in the living room, reading. No one told … Continue reading

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A Scenario I Would Like to See: Friendly Competition, Between Teachers’ Unions and School Administrators, to Help School Libraries Everywhere

During the Cold War, the usual way nations compete (direct warfare) was taken off the table by the invention of the hydrogen bomb. With the alternative being mutually-assured destruction, the two sides, led by the USA and the USSR, had … Continue reading

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A Proven Method for Getting Teenagers to Read

Although I am a teacher, I am not an English teacher — but I also believe that, as a teacher of anything, I have an ethical and professional responsibility to promote literacy. Many such methods for doing so exist. This … Continue reading

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Why I Do Not Write Books

It’s very simple: errors in writing, of any kind, horrify me. If I wrote a book, and it were published, some would likely slip through, such as the one in the image above. If a book with my name on … Continue reading

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At Least for Me, Blogging > Writing a Book

I’ve been asked, more than once, if I’ve ever considered writing a book. The answer: writing a book, as compared to maintaining a blog, would drive me crazy. The reason is simple: every book I’ve every read has at least … Continue reading

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In Anticipation of Sam Harris’s Newest Book

Sam Harris has already written these five books, all of which I have read. I wasn’t crazy about the first one, but thoroughly enjoyed all the others. They are presented here, in order, by publication-date. The End of Faith (2004) … Continue reading

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