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A “Thumbs Up” for Google Classroom

This is my 22nd year of teaching, but my first year using Google Classroom. We’re finding it to be a useful tool. This, for example, is the diagram for the Atwood’s machine lab we are doing in Pre-AP Physical Science, … Continue reading

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If You Really Want to Scare Me, Don’t Use Thirteen.

I was alerted today, by e-mail, that a blog-proofreading service has found thirteen whole errors on my blog, and they’ll tell me where they are, exactly, if I send them money. This blog is four years old. It has over … Continue reading

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Why I Do Not Write Books

It’s very simple: errors in writing, of any kind, horrify me. If I wrote a book, and it were published, some would likely slip through, such as the one in the image above. If a book with my name on … Continue reading

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A Law of Blogging, in Venn Diagram Form

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Do You Like the Changes Here?

To reflect the fact that my blogging here has broadened from what it used to be (all polyhedra, all the time), I gave this blog a new tagline, title, and changed a few other things about the blog’s appearance. If … Continue reading

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At Least for Me, Blogging > Writing a Book

I’ve been asked, more than once, if I’ve ever considered writing a book. The answer: writing a book, as compared to maintaining a blog, would drive me crazy. The reason is simple: every book I’ve every read has at least … Continue reading

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Where Are This Blog’s Readers?

More hits come to this blog from inside the USA than any other country. Considering that I live here, that isn’t surprising. However, my international readers do outnumber what are confusingly called “Americans,” at 54.7% to 43.7% of hits to … Continue reading

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