Why I Do Not Write Books

not writing

It’s very simple: errors in writing, of any kind, horrify me. If I wrote a book, and it were published, some would likely slip through, such as the one in the image above. If a book with my name on the cover had been published, and I then discovered an error, I would end up trying to get corrected copies to every buyer of the first edition, eating all profits, and then some. I also just don’t need that type of stress.

Please do not misunderstand: I love books.

Therefore, I do two other things, in lieu of actually writing a book (which has been suggested, to me, more than once). First, I read other peoples’ books. I seek higher-quality books to avoid those irritating typos, for they actually cause me pain when I see them. Even so, some slip through — ouch! — but at least the mistakes aren’t mine. I am almost immune to conventional causes of embarrassment, but this isn’t a conventional cause, and I certainly have no immunity to it.

The other thing I do is to blog, which is, of course, another form of writing. It’s a perfect forum for someone with this writing-quirk — because, when I discover a mistake in my writing, even months or years later, I can edit it away in seconds. This is why, for me, blogging > writing books. However, I am grateful that there are good writers for whom the inequality symbol points in the other direction.

6 thoughts on “Why I Do Not Write Books

  1. Robert, he who does nothing never makes a mistake. You have to get over this. You probably have something very interesting or enlightening to say. DOn’t let a typo hold you back.
    Leslei (see I didn;et even spell my name right – big deal, I’ll get the editor to fix it)

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  2. Robert,
    It’s an editor’s job to find and correct typos. The longer you shirk your literary responsibilities, the longer you deprive hard working up-and-comers of honest work. You owe it to the economy!

    Thanks for sharing,


    • No one is being deprived of anything, for anyone can read my writing, any time they want, right here on my blog, for free — AND I can fix past mistakes when I find them, and that’s simply something I need.


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