Warning to Abortion Protesters: Obey the Traffic Laws (or Else)


I just got home from a visit to my doctor’s office, but had a hard time even getting there because of anti-abortion protesters at the nearby Little Rock Family Planning Clinic. The guy who appeared to be the protest-leader was talking to a man, behind the wheel, in a truck which was blocking my path. I waited for a while. He wouldn’t get out of my way. Suddenly, I saw another vehicle coming up behind me, fast; I quickly got out of the way by zipping around the truck with the “driver” who was talking to one of the protesters, rather than driving, and getting the [bleep] out of my way, as he should have done — and probably would have done, without the distraction associated with the protest.
I then parked at my own doctor’s office . . . but before I went inside, I called 911, with a complaint about the abortion protesters. As I told the 911 dispatcher, I recognize that they have a Constitutional right to protest abortion, but they don’t have a right to block traffic, nor create conditions which could cause a traffic accident, as very nearly happened. If I ever catch them doing something like that again, I’ll report them again, too.
Want to protest? Fine — that’s your right, as an American — but don’t play in traffic while you’re doing it, or I can and will call the police to report your illegal and dangerous behavior. I’ve done it before, and I’ll likely do it again.

Public Education in Arkansas Is Under Attack — By Our Own State Legislature!


For details on the efforts of the majority of the Arkansas State Legislature to ruin public schools in Arkansas, please watch this music video:

The AEA (Arkansas Education Association) is doing everything they can to resist this flood of anti-education legislation. If you are eligible for membership in the AEA, and join, that will help with these efforts — for the strength of the AEA grows as our number of members increases. If you work in an Arkansas public school, you can join. Students can join also, and so can those who have retired from work in the field. For information on how to join, please click here.

Some Strange Laws We Have in Arkansas


Some Strange Laws We Have in Arkansas

If you drink alcohol, and are about to travel in Arkansas, you might want to buy your booze before your trip. You can’t buy liquor on Sundays or religious holidays (a blatant First Amendment violation) in this state. In some counties, first-time visitors learn the term “dry county” when they are told by a clerk that they can’t buy alcohol there on any day of the week. Yes, we still have prohibition here, in many parts of Arkansas!

If you see the sign above, and have you have the urge to utter “Arkansasssss,” pronouncing the “s,” you’d better do it quickly, if you want to mispronounce the name of our state legally. Once here, it’s actually against the law.

Husbands can even legally beat their wives here . . . but only once a month.

Blindfolding cattle on a public highway is illegal here, even though that’s just good sense, and probably would never be done if our state government hadn’t suggested it with this law. Here’s my favorite dumb Arkansas law, though:


This is the Main Street Bridge across the Arkansas River. It separates Little Rock and North Little Rock. Perhaps as a flood-control measure, our state legislature (#50 among American state legislatures in college achievement) passed a law forbidding the Arkansas River from rising above the level of this bridge.

I’m sure there are more.