Seven Moving Lights in the Sky, the Seven Days of the Week, and Other Significant Sets of Seven

days of week and lights in the sky

Have you ever wondered why the number seven appears in all the places it does? We have seven days in the week. Churches teach about the seven deadly sins, and “seven heavens” is a common phrase. There are seven wonders of the ancient world, and seven of the modern world. The number seven has appeared in many other socially significant ways, in societies all over the world, for millennia.

It is no coincidence, I think, that the ancients were able to see seven lights in the sky which are either visible in daylight, or move against the background of “fixed” stars at night. They ascribed great significance to what went on in the sky, since they viewed “the heavens” as the realm of the gods in which they believed. The evidence for this lives on today, in the names of the seven days of the week, and numerous other sets of seven, all over the world.

It is possible to see the planet Uranus without a telescope, but it is very dim, and you have to know exactly where to look. No one noticed it until after the invention of the telescope. If Uranus were brighter, and had been seen in numerous ancient societies, I have no doubt that we would have eight days in the week, etc., rather than seven.

4 thoughts on “Seven Moving Lights in the Sky, the Seven Days of the Week, and Other Significant Sets of Seven

  1. I think that the Lunar Cycle certainly had an impact on the 7-day week, as well, since the 28 days of that cycle can be evenly divided into 4 subdivisions.

    It is worth noting that the Romans actually used an 8-day week (the nundinal cycle) until they gradually replaced it with the Hellenic system, beginning in the 1st Century CE.

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  3. PEOPLE need to get back to the BIBLE
    to learn more about the #7
    God the Creator put 7 days in motion. Man tries to push them out of order but they fail all the time. What about the 7 last plagues of REVELATION 16? That should be a great concern to all of us. 1
    Implore you to check it out and be prepared to escape them. Only those who are anchored in Jesus will be safe.
    Go to AMAZINGFACTS.ORG for Bible answers.


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