On “Meeting” Lou Reed

So I just dreamed that Lou Reed was in our house, resting on the couch, having come to Arkansas to make preparations to play a concert in Fayetteville, the city where I was born. I went to the couch, saw Lou, and softly squealed, “Lou Reed!”

He woke up a bit, then grumbled, “I’m sleeping, man,” and so I turned down the TV, pulled down windowshades, and tiptoed out of the room.

I then woke up (in a nested dream, but I didn’t know that yet), and said, “Aw man, Lou Reed is dead!” I went and checked the couch, found the pillow and blanket Lou had been using in my dream, but the couch was otherwise empty. I then woke up for real, and wrote down what had just happpened. There was nothing left to do except listen to Lou’s music, which I’m doing now.

A Music Video for “Ride Into the Sun,” by the Velvet Underground

This music video, for a Velvet Underground classic written by Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker, was made today — for a song originally recorded in 1969, the year after I was born. I used Windows Movie Maker to assemble it, and “painted” the preview-pic for the video, using MS-Paint. Other programs I used, for other images in the video, include Geometer’s Sketchpad, MS-Paint (again) and Stella 4d: Polyhedron NavigatorOf all these computer programs, my favorite is Stella 4d, which you may try for free at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php.

Four Pre-Velvet-Underground Songs Featuring Lou Reed

Credit where credit is due:  I found these at http://dangerousminds.net/comments/primitive_lou_reeds_pre_velvet_underground_recordings. They used to be highly-sought-after, rare recordings, but, well, the Internet has put a stop to that. Lou Reed and friends recorded them in 1964.

“You’re Driving Me Insane,” by The Roughnecks:

“The Ostrich,” by The Primitives:

My personal favorite of these four, “Sneaky Pete,” also by The Primitives:

“Cycle Annie,” by The Beachnuts:

Lou Reed . . . you are missed. Your music, however, lives on.