“He wrote that . . . .”

“He wrote that he cared not a whit whether a neighbor believed in no god or in many gods, since such a private opinion ‘neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.'”

The above is from a book by the late Christopher Hitchens, writing about, and then quoting, Thomas Jefferson.

In my opinion, we’d all be better off if those atheists who actively try to destroy the faith of believers would follow Jefferson’s example, as described here, and follow the simple advice of the saying, “live and let live.”

15 thoughts on ““He wrote that . . . .”

  1. If Christianity (and other religions elsewhere) hadn’t integrated their religion into government and wouldn’t still try to do so even more, most atheists I know would be perfectly happy with “live and let live”.


    • Jefferson (and myself) do, of course, oppose all efforts to integrate any religion with government. The point being made here, though, is that those religious people who don’t try to do this — and there are many — do not harm us by simply holding beliefs with which we happen to disagree. Some atheists seem bent on “deconverting” all believers, and I believe that approach is a mistake. That’s the reason I made this post.


      • I am pestered and hindered at every turn in just trying to live my life by these fundamentalists. Because they are trained to view me as a evil force just because I do not participate in the Propagation of their religion. It is clear to me now the bedrock of their religion, the reason their religion exists is psychological manipulation and control of the population for financial gain by corporations.


  2. Hello Robert
    Similar to Atomic Mutant,
    Here where I live, the governments and citizens view me a hostile invading heretic pagan who refuses to pay their temple tax. They have been trained to Attack me. No changes to governments attitudes or Policies seem possible because the governments are infested with their programmed attack dogs of religion. If one do not say their magic words, they are deemed a heretic and election to government office for change is not possible. They attack me and my financial condition is worsened because it is clearly recognized I am not participating in the propagation of their religious doctrine. They are Bullies !!!!!


    • On my income, I will soon only be able to afford dog kibble for my nutritional needs.
      the citizens / employees are being manipulated with religious doctrine to bow to their corporate oppressors and believe corporations putting up a religious front are truly watching out for the employees best interests and not trying to bully and quiet down the complaints of employees. the corporations are trying to convince employees it is their religious duty to SUFFER for the benefit of the corporation.


      • If one comments about poor or dangerous working conditions and doesn’t “Sir yes Sir” the bosses and Smile like a good little worker bee proclaiming the grand benevolence to the glorious management they are immediately branded a Non-Team player.
        This place is one step away from North Korean Lunacy.


  3. Our founding fathers were Freemasons.
    Freemason doctrine uses an Egyptian Male Female Power structure of control.
    The male is in control and give the orders and the female submits to the will / orders of the Male with out question of hesitation or the female will be beaten / punished.
    this attitude / method is still strong and functioning where I live.
    This is what all the pyramids and obelisks represent, the male power over female submission.
    freemasonry, Christianity, Islam all exploit this doctrine of power and subservience.
    the Vatican has male phallic obelisks, Washington DC has male phallic obelisks and islam has the same Male Phallic obelisks.
    “Petty passive aggressive Tyrants ” worrying about penis size


    • The Washington monument is in a Vesica Piscis and located on the square (90 degrees) between the Pentagram and the Compasses.

      Exterior structure
      – Total height of monument: 555.5 ft
      – Width at base of monument: 55.5 ft

      – Marble capstone weight: 3,300 pounds (1.5 t)
      – Capstone cuneiform keystone measures 5.16 feet
      – Each side of the capstone base: 3 feet

      – Depth: 36 ft
      – Weight: 36,912 long tons (41,341 short tons; 37,504 tonnes) Includes earth and gneiss rubble above the concrete foundation that is within its 126.5-foot (38.6 m) square perimeter.
      – Area: 16,002 square feet
      The data tells us that the Washington Monument is 555.5 feet tall and 55.5 feet wide at its base.

      555.5 feet x 12 inches/ft = 6666 inches tall

      55.5 feet x 12 inches/ft = 666 inches wide

      Here we find our same Pentagonal and Hexagonal math that we observed in the previous article of 11/9/12!


      the Vesica Piscis is the vagina or sheath for the sword or knife or penis.
      our government is a bunch of stupid little boys worrying about who has the bigger penis.


  4. As hard as I try, I can dream up No Way to defend this Muslim persons belief system.
    He is using his first amendment rights to “demand his first amendment rights be taken away” and the bill of rights be revoked.


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