Not Poker — Chess. I Am Not Captain Kirk.

Not Chess Mr Spock


Something I have in common with the fictional Captain Kirk, from the original Star Trek series, is that I enjoy playing both poker and chess. In the scene depicted above, from the episode “The Corbomite Maneuver,” the Enterprise is facing an adversary who dramatically outpowers them — and Kirk escapes the situation with an outrageous bluff, right after making this reference to the game of poker.

Unlike Captain Kirk, however, I am not skilled at bluffing, with two consequences:  (1) I’m a terrible poker player, and (2) I do not attempt bluffing as a strategy, unless I am actually playing poker.

I’ve been an activist for a large variety of causes, for decades, and, because of this activism, have acquired a rather large number of adversaries. Many of them have figured out that I don’t bluff, but some — rather surprisingly, considering they have known me for years — have not. The amusing thing, to me, is that I’ve always been quite open about this, but some still fail to realize it, despite my candor on the subject. When engaged in any struggle, I only make statements I believe to be true, for one simple reason: I’m so terrible at bluffing, or other forms of lying, that any untrue statement I were to make would be instantly recognized as dishonest. Since I figured this out, about myself, decades ago, I deliberately choose to only employ strategies which are completely honest. It would be stupid, after all, for me to employ strategies with which I know I have weak skills.

So, unless I’m actually playing real poker, and am engaged in any sort of struggle, I’m basically playing metaphorical chess. This involves figuring out what my opponents are thinking, devising strategies to counter theirs, and remaining at least three moves ahead of my adversaries, at all times. I’m far more like Mr. Spock than I am like Captain Kirk, and always have been. This isn’t going to change.

I find it hilarious that I can post these absolutely-true statements right here,  on the Internet, where anyone can see them — and have full confidence that those who persist in their mistaken belief that I’m bluffing, about anything, will continue to make this enormous error in judgment — until it’s too late. For them, that is.


5 thoughts on “Not Poker — Chess. I Am Not Captain Kirk.

  1. Reblogged this on hitchens67 Atheism WOW!! Campaign and commented:
    I, on the other hand, view Captain Kirk as the closest person that I would want to emulate. I do not believe in the rule of law. If the rules do not serve what I wish to accomplish, then like Kirk, I will attempt to change them to my benefit. Many people give me the ‘What the fuck’ look when I say this, but you either let yourself be limited by the rules of others, or express your individuality and grit and elect to change the rules to accomplish the task. Too often, the rules are constructed by those that ‘have’ to prevent the ‘have nots’ from obtaining their piece of the pie. It is up to the ‘have nots’ to either wallow in self-pity or arbitrarily change the rules and cloak the maneuver to hide the deception. Captain Kirk is my hero.


  2. Emulating Spock and Sun Tzu exhibits objective reasoning and wisdom – two traits that are in short supply these days. Kirks’ daring and deception, though risky, also have value. What made this Star Trek duo so formidable was their teamwork – a product far greater than the sum of their individual parts.

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  3. My reactions: I like how well you know yourself. I think that Spock is a much more interesting and well-developed character than Kirk. Just looking at your latest awesome 3-D creations, I imagine you are easily four steps ahead of others. Way to go, Dr. Pi!

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