Star and Protostar

First, Protostar:

2012 protostar ic

In nature, protostars collapse under their own gravity until enough heat is generated to ignite nuclear fusion, at which point they become stars. The image above is my interpretation of a protostar, just before the moment it becomes a star. As for Star, my post-ignition interpretation, here it is:

2012 star ic

While I did just make these images, they are simply inverted-color versions of images I made back in 2012, using Geometer’s Sketchpad. Here are the original-color versions (which I don’t like as much, myself), presented in a smaller size. You may enlarge either or both with clicks, if you wish.

2012 protostar2012 star

2 thoughts on “Star and Protostar

  1. Hi, When I press the ‘scroll’ keys the images seem to pulsate ! ( I have to look at this in peripheral vision) The most striking one for this is the first image. I would love to know how this happens, please could you explain ? It’s amazing! :o)

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