Four Sets of Five Circles

sets of five circles

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I go by RobertLovesPi on-line, and am interested in many things, a large portion of which are geometrical. Welcome to my little slice of the Internet. The viewpoints and opinions expressed on this website are my own. They should not be confused with the views of my employer, nor any other organization, nor institution, of any kind.
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2 Responses to Four Sets of Five Circles

  1. ejohn152 says:

    I’m tempted to calculate the area of a selected region. I’m thinking that calculus may

    provide a more expedient procedure; I’m thinking polar coords. and iterated integrals. I’m assuming the ctr. of one is on the locus of an adjacent. Copy that?


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    • The centers of the circles are at each of the the vertices of two concentric regular pentagons — one large, and one small. Also, each of these vertices is the center of two circles of different sizes.


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