Infinity? Really, Google?

When a typical calculator is asked to find 555^555, it causes an overflow error, and returns an error message. Not Google’s calculator, though.

Infinity? 555^555 is absurdly large, but it isn’t infinite. Just for starters, 555^555 + 1 is bigger. Infinity is larger than any number. It’s as far from 555^555 as it is away from the number one — an infinite distance, on any number line. Hopefully, as Google continues getting smarter, this will get fixed.

3 thoughts on “Infinity? Really, Google?

  1. infinity is not a large number, it mean that we donot stop counting the number of digits or we do not know the exact number of digits, could you say how many digits are in 555^555, you can right so it can be considered as infinity. Don’t blame anyone if you don’t have clarity


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