Polyhedron Featuring 242 Faces

Polyhedron Featuring 242 Faces

The 242 faces are:

  • sixty irregular heptagons
  • sixty rectangles
  • sixty isosceles trapezoids
  • thirty irregular octagons
  • twenty hexagons which are equiangular but not quite equilateral
  • twelve regular pentagons

Created using Stella 4d, available at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php.

3 thoughts on “Polyhedron Featuring 242 Faces

    • In this particular case, if I recall correctly, I used a lot of augmentation and the creation of convex hulls to produce this polyhedron. The 4 pentagon / 4 trapezoid solid was difficult because Stella was not set up with it in mind — I think. Stella won’t allow you to simply input a net, and give you a polyhedron as output, but it does allow a great many different transformations to be made on a large number of possible starting polyhedra.


      • Hi!
        I’ve been working on a modified Hexakis Icosahedron to get a polyhedron with 242 vertices. It looks like the dual to your polyhedron here.
        It has 480 faces and 720 edges.

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