A Tessellation Featuring Regular Heptagons

Tessellation Featuring Regular Heptagons

Regular heptagons, of course, can’t tile a plane by themselves. Of all tessellations of the plane which include regular heptagons, I think this is the one which minimizes between-heptagon gap-size (the parts of the plane outside any heptagon). However, I do not have a proof of this. The shape of each of the polygons which fill the “heptagon-only gaps” is a biconcave, equilateral octagon. With these octagons, this is a tessellation, but without them, it wouldn’t fit the definition of that term.

[Later edit:  on Facebook, a friend showed me two others with smaller gap-sizes. In other words, the conjecture above has now been shown to be wrong.]

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5 Responses to A Tessellation Featuring Regular Heptagons

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting but not good enough.


  2. alexbateman says:

    Can you provide links to the other heptagon tilings with smaller gaps?

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