A Chiral Tessellation

A Chiral Tessellation

In this chiral tessellation, the blue triangles and green hexagons are regular. The yellow hexagons are “Golden Hexagons,” which are what you get if you reflect a regular pentagon over one of its own diagonals, then unify the two reflections. The pink and purple quadrilaterals are two types of rhombi, and the red hexagons are a third type of equilateral hexagon. All of the edges of all polygons here have the same length.

There are three different types of points of three-fold rotational symmetry repeated here. Two of these types are centered in the middle of blue triangles, while the third is centered in the middle of some of the green hexagons — specifically, the ones surrounded only by alternating red and yellow hexagons.

When I try to generate the mirror-image of this tessellation, it overloads Geometer’s Sketchpad, and crashes the program. However, inverting the colors of the same reflection, in MS-Paint, to make a color-variant, is easy:

weird tessellation

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