Polyhedron with 362 Faces

Polyhedron with 362 Faces

I’d like to find a polyhedron with the same number of faces as there are days of the year. This is the closest I’ve come, so far.

The software I used, Stella 4d, may be purchased at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php. There is also a free trial download available.

2 thoughts on “Polyhedron with 362 Faces

    • Actually, they will! Odd numbers of faces don’t often (never?) appear in symmetrical polyhedra of the tetrahedral, cuboctahedral, or icosidodecahedral type. Those are the type I favor. Asymmetrical polyhedra can be really ugly, even if only regular polygons are used. Check the Wikipedia article on “Johnson solids” to see what I mean.


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