My Complete List of Complaints About My New School

For the last three weeks, for the beginning of my twentieth year as a teacher, I’ve been teaching at a different high school. I am much happier, now, due to this change. This being a personal blog, it is my policy not to name my school, nor school district, here. However, I see no problem with posting my complete list of complaints about this new school. Here it is:


3 thoughts on “My Complete List of Complaints About My New School

    • Perhaps I will, but I’m going to make every effort to leave the contents of this complaint-box unchanged. It took a long time to learn that complaining has a negative effect on me, which then affects my behavior, which can then create problems for myself, in a negative cycle which benefits no one. I certainly don’t want the fact that I am now happier to change, nor do I wish to diminish my ability to help students.

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  1. Update, one year later: this box is still empty.

    Does my school ever have problems? Of course, but we (teachers, administrators, staff, the community, parents, and students) do something unusual there about problems: we fix them — all that we can find — as a team. I’ve never been at a school like this before. I didn’t even know such schools existed until I transferred to this one.


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