My Complete List of Complaints About My New School

For the last three weeks, for the beginning of my twentieth year as a teacher, I’ve been teaching at a different high school. I am much happier, now, due to this change. This being a personal blog, it is my policy not to name my school, nor school district, here. However, I see no problem with posting my complete list of complaints about this new school. Here it is:


Halogenated Forms of Methane: An Exhaustive, Alphabetized List


Note:  optical isomers are not counted separately on this list, although those five halomethane molecules for which left- and right-handed versions are possible are indicated in italics. Also, halogens are not used here unless they have at least one stable isotope. Finally, theoretically-possible halomethanes which have not yet been synthesized, such as bromochlorofluoroiodomethane (the molecule pictured, with this image source), are included in this list.

  1. bromochlorodifluoromethane
  2. bromochlorodiiodomethane
  3. bromochlorofluoroiodomethane
  4. bromochlorofluoromethane
  5. bromochloroiodomethane
  6. bromochloromethane
  7. bromodichlorofluoromethane
  8. bromodichloroiodomethane
  9. bromodichloromethane
  10. bromodifluoroiodomethane
  11. bromodifluoromethane
  12. bromodiiodomethane
  13. bromofluorodiiodomethane
  14. bromofluoroiodomethane
  15. bromofluoromethane
  16. bromoiodomethane
  17. bromomethane, also known as methyl bromide
  18. bromotrichloromethane
  19. bromotrifluoromethane
  20. bromotriiodomethane
  21. chlorodifluoromethane
  22. chlorodifluoroiodomethane
  23. chlorodiiodomethane
  24. chlorofluorodiiodomethane
  25. chlorofluoroiodomethane
  26. chlorofluoromethane
  27. chloroiodomethane
  28. chloromethane, also known as methyl chloride
  29. chlorotrifluoromethane
  30. chlorotriiodomethane
  31. dibromochloromethane
  32. dibromochlorofluoromethane
  33. dibromochloroiodomethane
  34. dibromodichloromethane
  35. dibromodifluoromethane
  36. dibromodiiodomethane
  37. dibromofluoroiodomethane
  38. dibromofluoromethane
  39. dibromoiodomethane
  40. dibromomethane
  41. dichlorodifluoromethane
  42. dichlorodiiodomethane
  43. dichlorofluoroiodomethane
  44. dichlorofluoromethane
  45. dichloroiodomethane
  46. dichloromethane
  47. difluorodiiodomethane
  48. difluoroiodomethane
  49. difluoromethane
  50. diiodomethane
  51. fluorodiiodomethane
  52. fluoroiodomethane
  53. fluoromethane, also known as methyl fluoride
  54. fluorotriiodomethane
  55. iodomethane, also known as methyl iodide
  56. tetrabromomethane, also known as carbon tetrabromide
  57. tetrachloromethane, also known as carbon tetrachloride
  58. tetrafluoromethane, also known as carbon tetrafluoride
  59. tetraiodomethane, also known as carbon tetraiodide
  60. tribromochloromethane
  61. tribromofluoromethane
  62. tribromoiodomethane
  63. tribromomethane
  64. trichlorofluoromethane
  65. trichloroiodomethane
  66. trichloromethane
  67. trifluoroiodomethane
  68. trifluoromethane
  69. triiodomethane

If any have been omitted, the fault is purely my own — and please let me know about the omission in a comment. Thanks!