The WM Function

As if the world needed another trigonometric function, I give it the WM function, named after the letters apparent in its graph. It is the sine of the sine of x, times 2π, if x is measured in radians, as in the graph below.

WM function

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4 Responses to The WM Function

  1. ivasallay says:

    Really cool! I think I would prefer to write the function as f(x) = sin(2πsin(x)). You certainly have a winner here!

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  2. ivasallay says:

    When I woke up this morning I was thinking about this function. I couldn’t quite remember if it was the WM function or the MW function. Obviously one is the negative of the other. Sometimes the name William is abbreviated as Wm, so now I will remember how positive WM (or William) is!

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