Nine (2015) / Nine (2013)

First, the newer version I just made:

nine 2015

Next, the 2013 version, which I recently found, along with a bunch of other previously-lost stuff from around then. The two are simply color-inversions of each other, according to the rules for color-inversion used by MS-Paint.

nine 2013

2 thoughts on “Nine (2015) / Nine (2013)

  1. I found a forgotten, abandoned Tumblr-blog which I used only for my own creations, and created shortly before migrating to WordPress — no reblogging there, unlike most blogs on Tumblr. I’ve also found some images from a few years back on a couple of jumpdrives. Rather than post it all at once, I’ve decided to space it out, which will also give me time to play with the images, as I did here.


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