When the Westboro Baptist Church Protests Leonard Nimoy’s Funeral, What Is the Appropriate Phaser Setting?


I’ve been trying to determine the appropriate phaser setting for dealing with these people, and have decided to go with “heavy stun.”

Heavy stun is kinder than the WBC adults deserve, but some of those WBC people are infants and children, and they have a chance of throwing off their brainwashing as they grow up. I would not deny them that chance.

[Photo credit: This website is where I found this image. It’s a story about the WBC announcing their intent to protest Leonard Nimoy’s funeral.]

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4 Responses to When the Westboro Baptist Church Protests Leonard Nimoy’s Funeral, What Is the Appropriate Phaser Setting?

  1. abyssbrain says:

    what a bunch of douchebags. Did their “God” not taught them to respect the dead or something like that. Also, it seems that they have made a habit of disturbing the funerals of other people before. However, I have read that WBC sometimes has a tendency of not showing up after their threats… and with the large number of fans of Nimoy, what would you expect them to do 😛

    Those dudes on WBC are definitely worthy of Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s facepalm


  2. Perhaps using a phaser, on any setting, isn’t the best way to deal with the endemic insanity in the Westboro Baptist Church. How about subjecting its members to several hours of intensive “neural neutralizer” treatment?


  3. I also protest Nimoy’s funeral. Legends like him should never have funerals.

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  4. Brian Corvello says:

    Set to vaporize. We don’t want any remains of their vile hate left to defile the place.


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