A Polyhedron Featuring 180 Kites as Faces, Plus Related Polyhedra

If one starts with the great rhombicosidodecahedron, then makes a compound of it, and its dual, and then forms the convex hull of that compound, this is the result:

180 kites 60&60&60

This polyhedron has 180 faces, all of them kites. What’s more, there are equal numbers — sixty each — of the three different types of kites in this polyhedron.

It also has an interesting dual:

180 kites 60&60&60 the dual

These virtual polyhedral models were created using Stella 4d: Polyhedron Navigator, which you can buy, or try for free, right here. Stella contains a “try to make faces regular” function, and here is what appears if that operation is applied to the dual shown above:

180 kites dual with TTMFR

The dual of this figure is similar to the original polyhedron at the top of this post, featuring 180 kites, again: sixty each, of three different types:

180 kites with TTMFR

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