America, Land of Bizarre Politics

How to become the first female president of the United States:
1. Beat an openly-declared socialist in the primary.
2. Beat Donald J. Trump, in a popularity contest, in November.
Am I missing anything?

3 thoughts on “America, Land of Bizarre Politics

  1. Because this woman was particularly unpopular, it had a couple of more steps: a) Remain married to a popular ex-president; b) network with the monied people and politically connected that he cultivated; c) spend 4 years making money by giving speeches and strategize how to pull it off; d) have Deborah Wasserman-Schulz head of the DNC so that debates are limited at the beginning and no one can chip away at the support she spent 4 years building while other people were working, at jobs. But clearly, in this case having Donald J. Trump as opponent is key.


  2. Yeah. Try these on for size:

    3. Marry a state attorney general with mob connections.

    4. Force Wellesley to destroy all your papers.

    5. Threaten to take about half of Washington down with you if the FBI

    gets too tacky with its ongoing investigations.

    There are several more, but you get the drift.



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