My New Math Project: Calculus


Now that I’ve let the whole world know this, I have to follow through on my plan. It is difficult to embarrass me, unless I deliberately set up a situation that uses embarrassment on a global scale, as a self-motivational tool, and that’s what I am doing right now. I fully intend to learn calculus in June, and this will help.

I already have books, and a plan of attack. I am not working for pay in June, nor taking any classes, so that gives me the time, and you can’t beat a tuition-price of zero.

The key was moving calculus from my mental “incomprehensible” Venn diagram bubble to my “I can do this” Venn diagram bubble. I never should have created that “incomprehensible” bubble in the first place, but it took a lot of time (30 years or so) to figure that out.


Update, 14June2016: I have decided to turn this from a project for the current month into an ongoing project . . . for the rest of my life. 

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