Tessellation of Blue Triangles and Yellow Concave Pentagons

triangles and pentagons

Alternately, this can be seen as a tessellation of blue diconcave hexagons and yellow triconcave enneagons. Which do you see?

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2 Responses to Tessellation of Blue Triangles and Yellow Concave Pentagons

  1. Thomas says:

    I see triangles, pentagons and trapezia (one triangle and one pentagon form a trapezium). There are also larger triangles and pentagons formed by joining the trapezia in various ways. Also heptagons where two of the trapezia are partially vertically joined. However, no matter how I look at your tessalation I cannot see any hexgaons.


  2. Thomas says:

    Follow up – just spotted the hexagons – two partially vertically joined traingles form a hexagon. Two joined pentagons form an octagon, while three joined pentagons form a hendecagon (11 sided figure).


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